Jacques-Louis David

Edgar Degas

Alphonse de Labroue

Robert Crumb
Portrait Drawings & Oil Sketches from
Jacques-Louis David to Lucian Freud

Our new exhibition, CONTEMPLATING CHARACTER: PORTRAIT Drawings & Oil Sketches from Jacques Louis David to Lucian Freud, premiered at the Lowe Art Museum, Coral Gables, FL, in October 2015 and was presented at the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts, FL, in February, 2016. It will be presented at the Dixon Gallery & Gardens, Memphis, TN, in the spring of 2018. The exhibition explores the evolution of portraiture from the end of the 18th century until the present. The exhibition is available through 2019.

CONTEMPLATING CHARACTER explores the evolution of portraiture from the end of the 18th century until the present. In contrast to portraiture as the tired flattery of the rich and powerful at the end of the eighteenth century, this exhibition recognizes the invigorating new movements of Neoclassicism, Romanticism and Realism that took hold of art at the end of the eighteenth century into the nineteenth century. There emerged a desire for a sense of  "unvarnished truth," as a new, more honest, and gritty incisiveness of depiction of personality emerged, rarely exhibited in earlier eras. By the twentieth century, the hallmark of these works is individuality: the sense of “personality,” whether Post- Impressionist, Expressionist, Surrealist, or Realist.

The invention of photography at the end of the 1830s freed creative artists from the necessity of providing mere likeness through their art, to the degree that Paul Delaroche said, “From today, painting is dead.” He was wrong--it simply freed artists from the chore of representation, allowing imagination and creativity to rule, as this exhibition clearly demonstrates, featuring 1520 rare portrait drawings and oil sketches from the late 18th century--including a work by Jacques Louis David, forward to the contemporary, exemplified by Lucian Freud.

The exhibition includes 152 works which are drawn from the collection of esteemed curator, Robert Flynn Johnson, Curator Emeritus, Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.

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Lucian Freud

Alfred Hitchcock

Aubrey Beardsley

Théophile Steinlen

Selections from the Dhawan Collection

ALPHONSE MUCHA: ART NOUVEAU MASTER - Selections from the Dhawan Collection is now available for circulation through 2019. The Dhawan Collection of Los Angeles, CA, is one of the finest private collections of Mucha’s works in the U.S.

Mucha is most often remembered for the prominent role he played in shaping the aesthetics of French Art Nouveau at the turn of the 20th century.

Presented are 75 works including; rare original lithographs and proofs; 1 oil painting; 4 drawings; 1 pastel; and books, posters, portfolios and ephemera. Text panel and extended label copy will be provided.

The exhibition is curated by esteemed art historian, Gabriel Weisberg, Professor of Art History, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, who has provided an essay for the exhibition catalogue. The catalogue also includes a piece from John Mucha, Director of the Mucha Foundation

The exhibition premiered at the Carnegie Arts Center, Turlock, CA, in the Fall of 2015. Current venues include The Museum of Shenandoah Valley, Winchester, VA, in April, 2016, the Fullerton Art Center, Fullerton, CA, in Janaury, 2017, the Citadelle Art Foundation, Canadian, TX, the Dayton Art Institute, OH, in Sept 2017, and the Hyde Collection, Glens, Falls, NY, in January 2018. Please visit the exhibition's website to view available dates.

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from the Imogen Cunningham Trust

The new exhibition, SEEN & UNSEEN: PHOTOGRAPHS BY IMOGEN CUNNINGHAM, From the Imogen Cunningham Trust, will premiere at the Bowers Museum, Santa Ana, CA, in November 2016 and then be available for presentation world wide beginning in the 2017. The exhibition features 60 photographs including Cunningham’s most iconic works, as well as a selection of images that have never before been seen. The exhibition is being curated by Celina Lunsford, Artistic Director, Fotografie Forum Frankfurt, Germany. Lunsword will provide all the didactic inforamtion and a new essay for the exhibition.

SEEN AND UNSEEN is the first exhibition of this seminal
artist’s photographs to tour the USA in 20 years, giving new generations the chance to view her work for the first time. Subjects such as family photographs, unseen portraiture, abstract images, still lifes, and work from the late 1960s and 1970s including street portraits from Haight Ashbury that have never been exhibited, are just some of the themes this show will

The exhibition is organized by The Imogen Cunningham Trust in association with Photographic Traveling Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA

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All images copyright The Imogen Cunningham Trust



A JOURNEY INTO IMAGIMATION: ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF ANIMATION ART FROM AROUND THE WORLD - Selections From the Nancy and Hal Miles Collection celebrates the ongoing 100 plus year history of original rare animation production artwork since the creation of this magical art form. This extensive exhibition presents the full range of animation techniques, from the ground breaking traditional animation of Gertie the Dinosaur created by American, Winsor McCay, in 1914, through to today’s many digitally supported animation productions and applications. The exhibition premiered at the at the Appleton Museum of Art, Ocala, FL in Janaury and will be at the Schumacher Gallery, Columbus, OH, in September, 2016. Other venues include The Sangre de Christo Art Center, Pueblo, CO, June 2018, and the Art Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christi, TX in September 2109.

The exhibition explores the elaborate and demanding creative processes of many of the groundbreaking animators. It also highlights the incredible amount of work and talent that went into animated productions for over a century. Featured are: the amazing silhouette experimental animation of German animator Lotte Reiniger; the magical hand carved wood replacement stop motion animation of Hungarian animator George Pal; the world renowned creation of Mickey Mouse by Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney; the incredible visionary work of King Kong’s creator Willis O’Brien; the genius life like character stop motion animation of Ray Harryhausen; the zany gag driven traditional animation of Tex Avery; Chuck Jones’ wacky and unconventional and now classic traditionally animated characters and situations; and Hayo Miyazaki’s absolutely stunning and colorful Japanese fantasy anime visions; and many others.

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The new traveling exhibition CHILDHOOD CLASSICS: 100 YEARS OF CHILDREN’S BOOK ILLUSTRATION from the Art Kandy Collecition is now available for circulation through 2020. The exhibition premiered at the Carnegie Arts Center, Turlock, CA, in September 2016. It is avaiable for circulation beginning in January 2017. Children’s books have always had a dual purpose: first, they are created to educate and entertain young readers – to start them off on a lifetime of reading enrichment and enjoyment; second, they are historical touchstones, reflecting and visualizing the history and the values of the era they are written in. This exhibition presents the illustrations and the illustrators that brought these stories to life.

With over 140 original works included from over 75 books, the exhibition explores the history of children’s books from the turn of the century pen and ink Mother Goose art of Sarah Noble Ives, to the most popular works of today including the digital creations of Mo Willems. The exhibition features the original art of Dr. Seuss, the iconic Wild Things of Maurice Sendak and the perennial heroism of Garth Williams’ Stuart Little. Among the many classic illustrators featured are Rosemary Wells, Richard Scarry, Chris Van Allsburg and Hilary Knight. Fondly remembered characters of literature include Babar, Eloise, Madeline, the Cat in the Hat and Dick & Jane.

CHILDHOOD CLASSICS was curated by Lois Sarkisian and Lee Cohen, the co-founders of Every Picture Tells A Story – for over a quarter of a century, the innovative and influential gallery of original art from children’s books in Los Angeles, from their collection.They have written and lectured on illustration art at UCLA, Harvard University, and at schools and museums throughout North America.The exhibition was organized by Landau Traveling Exhibitions in association with Art Kandy.

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Although Gustave Courbet is often seen as the primary Realist artist in France during the 19th century there were other creators who were both prolific and significant in fostering an art for man, an art for the people. Among these figures were François Bonvin (1817- 1887) and his friend and colleague Théodule Ribot (1819-1891) whose careers were both prolific and well appreciated at the time.

Working in all media Bonvin and Ribot were often seen by art critics of the nineteenth century as reincarnations of earlier artists, those painters who had worked in a realist mode in the seventeenth century in France, Holland or Spain. Bonvin was often dubbed the new “Chardin” and Ribot’s work was compared with the compositions of the Spanish painter tenebrist Jusepe Ribera. Although cognizant of these earlier masters Bonvin and Ribot were able to forge their own approach in paintings, charcoal drawings, watercolors and etchings contributing to the increasing revival of interest in many media. Focusing on the intimate scenes of daily life, Bonvin and Ribot extolled the virtues of a simple, humble existence. Their works that stressed quietude were well appreciated at the time entering into major private collections where they were often hung alongside works by Chardin or the Spanish masters of the seventeenth century.

Now, with the availability of a selection of works by Bonvin and Ribot from the Dhawan Collection, contemporary audiences will be able to learn anew about the evolution of nineteenth century realism. BEING REALIST is curated Dr. Gabriel P. Weisberg, an expert on nineteenth century realism and the author of basic texts on François Bonvin and Théodule Ribot. The exhibition which includes fifty works by these artists, in all media, examines the intimacy of their work and the importance these artists had in the expanding awareness of the evolution of the realist tradition. The exhibition is organized by Landau Traveling Exhibitions.

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Selections from the
Nemec Collection

THE PRINTS OF ROCKWELL KENT features sixty works drawn from the collection of Ralf C. Nemec, the largest assemblage of Rockwell Kent prints in the world. Renowned for his block print book illustrations, particularly The Complete Works of William Shakespeare and Moby Dick, Rockwell Kent (1882-1971) worked in a variety of media, including oil painting, woodcuts, lithographs, drawings and ceramics.

Kent studied architecture at Columbia University and painted under William Merritt Chase at the Shinnecock Hills School. He also studied painting under Robert Henri at the New York School of Art, where his classmates were Edward Hopper and George Bellows. Encouraged by his teacher to see Maine, he visited Monhegan Island in 1905 and built a home and studio there that he used year-round (through 1910). His numerous jobs as architectural draftsman, illustrator, lobsterman, ship’s carpenter, longshoreman and lighthouse keeper fed his vision.

Kent’s adventures captured the American imagination. His paintings, lithographs and woodcuts often portrayed the bleak and rugged aspects of nature; a reflection of his life in harsh climates. In the mid-twenties that Kent became enamored with woodcutting and lithography and began illustrating classic literature.

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Roy Lichetenstein
Robert Indiana
Tom Wesselman
Claes Oldenburg

by Wallase Ting

A New Traveling Exhibition Celebrating
the 50th Anniversary of this
Landmark Pop Art Publication

Featuring Color Lithographs by

Alechinsky, Appel, Baj, Davie, Dine, Francis,
Indiana, Jensen, Jorn, Kaprow, Leslie, Lichtenstein,
Mitchell, Kiki O.K., Oldenburg, Saura, Smith, Ramos, Rauschenberg, Riopelle, Rosenquist, Ting,
van Velde, Warhol and Wesselman

"Walasse Ting’s provocative question served as the impetus behind the 61 poems that comprise 1¢ LIFE celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2014. Ting’s book went beyond mere words, however. The poet asked notable artists from varied movements to respond to his writings, resulting in masterful color lithographs from the likes of Andy Warhol, Robert Indiana, Sam Francis (who also edited the book), Robert Rauschenberg, and Roy Lichtenstein, among many others.” - Colleen Terry, Assistant Curator, Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts, Fine Art Museums of San Francisco

Over 50 important original graphics from 1¢ LIFE by Wallase Ting are featured in this new traveling exhibition available for circulation to the museum world through 2019. Two complete sets are used to provide an in- depth view of this landmark publication.

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Andy Warhol
Sam Francis
Mel Ramos
James Rosenquist



This exhibition premiered at the Munson Williams-Proctor Institute, Utica, NY in October 2013 and then traveled to the Allentown Art Museum, Allentown, PA in 2014. ROBERT INDIANA: A-Z follows the 77 year ongoing career of this seminal artist from 1934 to his current work. Featured are his icons – EAT, LOVE and HOPE and his latest masterpiece, THE ALPHABET, in many ways, the culmination of a his journey as the world's premiere Word Artist.

Presented are more than 70 works showcasing Indiana’s unique method of working on paper, canvas, print, and in 3 dimensions with the same image. Incuded is a monumental version of his HOPE sculpture. Indiana was one of the six founding fathers of Pop Art along with Andy Warhol. Indiana’s LOVE, conceived originally as a postcard for New York’s Museum of Modern Art, is one of the most recognizable works in American Art and was rendered as sculptures, paintings, drawings, and prints, globally exhibited, and also as a U.S. Postage stamp. Indiana’s work is in over 1000 collections in 100 countries including The Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum, The Whitney Museum, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Stedelijk Museum and The Louvre. A full color catalog OF the exhibition has been published. The exhibition is available for circulation worldwide through 2019.

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Elizabeth Catlett (1915-2012), a sculptor and printmaker, is widely considered one of the most important African American artists of the 20th century. Her work blended art and social consciousness and confronted the most disturbing injustices against African Americans. She is best known for her work during the 1960s and 70s, when she created politically charged, black expressionistic sculptures and prints. The exhibition premiered at the August Wilson Center, Pittsburgh, PA, in July 2013. It will be presented at the Museum of The African Diaspora in San Francisco in January 2015.The works comes from the collection of artist, educator and author, Samella Lewis, Ph.D., Professor Emerita, Art History, Scripps College, Claremont, CA. Lewis was a student of Catlett’s in the 1940’s and Catlett became her mentor. The two became lifetime friends. The exhibition includes 30 sculptures and graphics by Catlett along with 3 works by Catlett's husband, Francisco Mora, and 3 by Samella Lewis.

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Rembrandt Van Rijn

SORDID AND SACRED: THE BEGGARS IN REMBRANDT'S ETCHINGS Selections from the John Villarino Collection is now being made available for circulation to museums through 2009. The exhibition features 36 rare etchings by Harmensz van Rijn Rembrandt (1606-1669) executed between 1629 and 1654. Widely recognized as the greatest practitioner of the etching technique in the history of art, Rembrandt created 300 prints that constitute a body of work unparalleled in richness and beauty. 2006, is the anniversary of Rembrandt's 400th birthday.Rembrandt repeatedly chose beggars as the subject for his etchings. Dutch author, art historian, and editor of THE COMPLETE ETCHINGS OF REMBRANDT, Dover Publications, NY, 1994, Gary Schwartz, in his essay for the exhibition catalogue, writes “The image of the beggar in Netherlandish art was no better than in society as a whole. It would not then have been out of line with the convictions of his society, with Netherlandish artistic tradition or classical art theory, had Rembrandt depicted beggars as contemptible or loathsome creatures. Indeed, some of his work fits perfectly well into "

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Presented in the exhibition are a selection of the ceramics created by Pablo Picasso in collaboration with George and Suzanne Ramie and the artisans at their Madoura pottery workshop in Southern France, between 1947 & 1971. Featured are 40 ceramics - plates, bowls, pitchers, vases, including 2 original ceramic works, plus 3 vintage posters, and photomurals. The exhibition premieres this fall at the Carnegie Arts Center, Turlock, CA. It will then travel to the McCune International Gallery, Methodist University, Fayetteville, NC. Internationally famed for his paintings, sculpture and graphics, Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) was long intrigued by ceramics. The exhibition features an essay by Curator, Gerald Nordland.

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Thomas Moran

The Permanent Collection of the
Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton, NY

Established in 1931, Guild Hall is the primary cultural center on the Eastern End of Long Island. Included are 73 works of art by more than 40 artists, spanning the early 20th century through present times, who lived and worked in the East Hampton area. Included are works by Henri Cartier-Bresson, John Chamberlain, Chuck Close, Stuart Davis, Willem de Kooning, Max Ernst, Audrey Flack, Jasper Johns, William King, Lee Krasner, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Motherwell, Jackson Pollock, Fairfield Porter, Robert Rauschenberg, Larry Rivers, James Rosenquist, Donald Sultan, Andy Warhol & others.

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Esteemed art historian, David Driskell, Professor of Art at the University of Maryland at College Park, calls the Kelley Collection "one of the finest that has been assembled tracing the history of African American art." The 68 Works in the exhibition date from 1910 to 2002, and represent just a fraction of what is contained in one of the country's major collections of African American art. Included in the exhibition are drawings, etchings, lithographs, watercolors, pastels, acrylics, gouaches, linoleum and color screen prints by such noted artists as Ron Adams, Benny Andrews, Romare Bearden, Aaron Douglas, Jacob Lawrence, Charles White, Elizabeth Catlett, John Biggers, Henry Ossawa Tanner, Eldizer Cortor, Margaret Burroughs, and many other outstanding lesser known artists.This exhibition was presented at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA, in 2015 following highly-successful presentations at the Amon Carter Museum, Ft. Worth, TX, the McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, TX, the Lowe Art Museum, Coral Gables, FL, the Sheldon Museum of Art, Lincoln, NE. the Muskegon Museum of Art, Muskegon, MI, and others.

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Animation Art from
Classic Cartoons of the 1970s

This special exhibition presents the 1970's Saturday Morning cartoons that featured positive Black characters for the first time in television history. The exhibition features 60 original production cels and drawings used to produce these cartoons. Also included are images from the animated opening to Soul Train and two of the few Black cast/Black focussed animated features that have been produced since the 1970′s, BeBe’s Kids (1992) and Our Friend Martin (1999). The exhibition premiered at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture New York, NY in January 2014 and had record attendance. Exhibitions have also been presented at the Dusable Museum, Chicago, IL and the Northwest African American Museum, Seattle, WA.

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from the Collection of the
Sonoma County Museum, Santa Rosa, C

In 2001 Tom Golden donated his collection of works by renowned artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude to the Sonoma County Museum. Golden's personal and professional relationship with the artists began when he met them during the 1974 public hearings for their project "Running Fence" in Sonoma and Marin counties, 1972-1976. Golden went on to manage or assist with a number of the artists' large scale projects. Golden's remarkable collection reflects his friendship with and admiration of Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Over 125 original drawings, sculptures, collages and photographs lovingly trace their impressive careers.

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In 1970 David Hockney and Petersburg Press released Six Fairy Tales, a compilation of 39 etchings and the texts ofJacob and Wilhelm Grimm’s fairy tales, including: The Little Sea Hare, Fundevogel, Rapunzel, The Boy Who Left Home to Learn Fear,  Old Rinkrank, and Rumpelstilzchen. In this exhibition of the 39 etchings illustrating the 6 fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm, Hockney has given each fairy tale his own interpretation. Rather than illustrating the stories literally, he has chosen vivid images to encapsulate a mood or detail.

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In addition to being a closer look at the costume designs of the highly-acclaimed designer, Myrna Colley-Lee, this new exhibition encompasses the larger world of theatre costume design and specifically the world of Black Theatre during the second half of the 20th century – the plays, playwrights, and repertory companies, that produced an extraordinary series of works that have become landmarks in the history of black culture, of American literature, and of the American theater. One of the threads that is carried through Colley-Lee's experience as a costume designer is her key involvement with the Black Theater movement during the late 20th century. At the time Black Theatre was receiving little funding or support and plays had to be produced with practically non-existent budgets. Colley-Lee designed costumes for some of the most important and poignant plays that were being produced during this period. The exhibition features approximately 200 works -- drawings, renderings, collages, production photographs, and support papers, as well as 12-15 costumes, music, and DVD's for viewing in the gallery.

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The GASTON LACHAISE: SCULPTURE & DRAWINGS Exhibition is returning from a highly successful tour of museums in Europe. It is currently scheduled for presentation at the New Orleans Museum of Art and the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas in the Fall of 2007. The exhibition includes a total of 75 sculptures, including 7 monumental works by Lachaise never before exhibited together at one time, and 20 drawings. Lachaise, born in France, is best known for his interpretations in bronze of the female form, and is considered to be one of the most significant sculptors to have worked in the US during the early part of thie 20th Century.  His sculptures are included in the collections of MOMA, New York; The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY; The San Francisco Museum of Art, UCLA; the Chicago Art Institute; The Hirshhorn Museum, Wash., DC; and numerous others.

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The exhibition includes 80 works from the important German multi-volume Art Nouveau periodical, PAN, published between 1895-1900. It is replete with plates, illustrations, color initials, vignettes and tail-pieces representing a multitude of processes of modern picture reproduction, including original lithographs, etchings, and woodcuts, and other original and near-original processes in black and white or full color. Pan presents a collection of brilliant graphic works by such French, Dutch, Belgian, German, English, and Swedish artists as Rodin, Toulouse-Lautrec, Signac, and Seurat;  Van de Velde; Rops; Kollwitz and Behrens; Nicholson, Rothenstein, and Pennell; and Anders Zorn, among many others. This is the first extensive exhibition of PAN to discover the brilliance of original prints by less well known contributors such as Walter Leistikow, Hans Thoma, Wilhelm Volz, Otto Eckmann, Eugen Kirchner, and Albert Krüger. The literary contributors include such figures as Bode, Nietzsche, Novalis, Mallarmé, Maeterlinck, and Verlaine. The exhibition is enriched with an introduction and commentaries on the plates by the distinguished Curator Emeritus, Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Art, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Robert Flynn Johnson; together with a cultural overview by the eminent curator and art critic, Peter Frank, and art historian and independent curator, Victoria Martino.

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Organized by the Romare Bearden Foundation

This exhibition of original artworks, photographs, cartoons, and writings presents Romare Bearden’s early influences as an artist of social conscience and action. It will premiere at the new Blcak History Museum in Richmond, VA in January 2016. Bearden countered racial stereotypes with images drawn from history, literature, and the free world of his imagination.The exhibition examines how he agitated for change through images and writing. Included are collages, works on paper and graphics, as well as examples of his magazine covers and editorial cartoons. The exhibition is drawn from the Bearden Foundation Collection.

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All Images of Art Works Courtesy of the Romare Bearden Estate Art© Romare Bearden Foundation/Licensed by VAGA, NY, NY





47 framed photographs from a series called "The Museun Set" that Adams himself selected as representative of his best work. From the collection of the Turtle Bay Exploration Park, Redding, CA.

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From the Collection of the Appleton Museum of Art, Ocala, FL

A kind of alchemy” is how 14th-century Persian historian Abu al-­­­Qasam described the art of ceramics. This exhibition showcases the magnificent handiwork of artists living in 9th through 14th-century Iran, the heartland of ancient Persia. Selected from the Appleton Museum of Art’s permanent collection of Islamic art, these 60 ceramic objects present a little known but important, artistic genre. The ceramic works exhibited represent virtually every decorative technique utilized by Persian artists during the medieval period and are divided into six groupings that illustrate specific techniques.

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EDWARD HAGEDORN (1902-1982) American Modernist

Edward Hagedorn (American 1902-1982) managed to convey the darkness and upheaval that gripped the country in the depression years, 1925-1935--more forcefully than any of his contemporaries. During his career Hagedorn successfully engaged in a wide variety of modernist styles, including Expressionism and Surrealism, but because of his solitary and eccentric personality there was only limited exposure and recognition of his artistic accomplishments in his lifetime. He attracted the attention of Galka Scheyer, the German emissary in America of the famed Blue Four, who, asked him to become the fifth member of the group, although her offer was refused. “In his extensive body of graphic work, notable for its intense visual imagination, Hagedorn combined the biting wit of James Ensor (Belgian 1860-1949), the strong design of Felix Vallotton (French 1865-1925), and the fierce humanity of Kathe Kollwitz (German 1867-1945) in some of the most bold, original, and emotionally charged American prints of the 20th Century." - Robert Flynn Johnson, Curator Emeritus Achenbach Foundation For Graphic Arts Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. The exhibition includes 75 works of art and coincides with publication of the first monograph devoted to the artist’s work with essays by leading curators, critics, and art historians. The exhibition premiered in Spring 2016 at the Danforth Museum of Art, Framingham, MA and is currently at the Fullerton Art Museum, CSU San Bernadino, CA.

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Selections from the Alitash Kebede

The exhibition features 28 graphic works by Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000) done between 1971-1997. Included are 10 works from the Toussaint L'Ouverture Series, the Hiroshima Series of 8 prints, 2 prints from the Genesis Series, 2 prints from the Builders Series and 6 other important prints by Lawrence including Confrontation at the Bridge and Forward Together. Also included are text panels with an introductory exhibition essay, a chronology, and a photomural of the artist. The exhibition includes an essay about Lawrence and his printmaking by Peter Nesbett. Nesbett is the Editor of  Jacob Lawrence: The Complete Prints (1963-2000) / The Catalogue Raisonne. The works come from the collection of Alitash Kebede of Los Angeles, CA. The exhibition and museum tour are organized by Landau Traveling Exhibitions of  Los Angeles, CA.

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FIFTEEN MINUTES features silkscreen prints and original recordings, ranging from spoken word to music and sound, created by a diverse roster of artists, writers and performers who knew, worked with, were associated with or were inspired by Andy Warhol.  Included are Patti Smith, Ivan Karp, Billy Name, Ultra Violet, Lawrence Weiner, Bob Dylan, Carter Ratcliff, John Giorno, Vincent Fremont, Alexander Heinrici, Brigid Berlin, Christopher Makos, Yura Adams, Nat Finkelstein, Connie Beckley, Susan Breen, Path Soong, and Jeff Gordon. The exhibition juxtaposes each artist’s 12 x 12 inch (album sized) visual image with an audio work created in homage to Warhol. For instance, Patti Smith’s poem, “Edie,” muses on the life and death of Warhol Superstar Edie Sedgwick. Nat Finkelstein’s screen printed photograph shows Warhol and Dylan in the Factory with one of Warhol’s Elvis paintings in the background. In his song, “When I Paint My Masterpiece,” Dylan critiques the Warholian notion of fame and success. Gordon’s screen print modifies one of Warhol’s Brillo Box sculptures as a visual analogy to his sound piece, which loops excerpts from a Warhol interview and lasts for the proverbial 15 minutes. The exhibition has been presented at the following institutions: Pollock-Krasner House & Study Center, East Hampton, NY, The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA, Burke Library Hamilton College , Clinton, NY,Case-Geyer Library, Colgate University Hamilton, NY, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing, China.

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40 lithographs, etchings, and woodcuts by artists who worked with the printmaking programs of the Federal Arts Project of the WPA.

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66 works in 39 frames, plus analytical statements culled from Albers' extensive writings and text panels. Josef Albers was one of the 20th Century's most influential and articulate artist/ theorists. Formulation: Articulation is an overview of Albers' life-time oeuvre. Published in 1972 by Harry N. Abrams, New York, the works were chosen by Albers himself and produced in silk-screen under his supervision by Ives-Sillman. Two text panels are also included: an introduction to and a chronology of Albers by noted author, art historian and independent curator, Gerald Nordland. 

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